Express Sash Waist Pants DUPE!!!!!!!!

All of you have probably caught on that I love a good deal. Again, I have to dress up for work and dress pants look SO bad on me. BUT I knew in my heart that this style of dress pant ^^^^ would look so snatch on this long torso, short-legged body. HOnestly, this girl… Continue reading Express Sash Waist Pants DUPE!!!!!!!!

Boho Business Casual

If anyone hates dress pants, it's me.  I am 5'4" with a long torso and hobbit legs. Bootcut/slim/straight don't fit my curves and make me look ridiculous. I resort to skinny dress pants, ankle pants, and colored jeans. I am also a bargain shopper. It's like a sport to me. I love getting name brands… Continue reading Boho Business Casual