Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar – Las Vegas, NV

5/5 Stars. Great Service. Great Wine. Great food.

Easily the best restaurant I have ever been to. I love Italian food. Something really intrigues me about fresh pasta. It is so dense and delightful. It is definitely fancy. White table cloths, multiple servers waiting by your table, and low lighting. The wine list was literally as long as the bible. Same font, too. Since it is pretty fancy, it was definitely expensive… well, especially in Tesstopia. Most Vegas connoisseurs would think it was middle of the road for price but $75-$100 per person seemed wild to me.

Anti Pasti – First Photo

Gnocchi Pomodoro – Potato dumplings, Campari tomato Sauce, Basil, EVOO

**Spaghetti Aglio E Olio – Whole roasted garlic, EVOO, Calebrese pepper, Parmigiano Reggiano

The roasted garlic in this dish brought it up a notch. I have never had such a simple dish taste so flavorful.

Anti Pasti – Second Photo 

Carpaccio Di Manzo – Thinly sliced prime sirloin, arugula salad, shaved Parmigiano Reggiano, truffle oil

So the prime sirloin is actually raw. I was shooketh and tried it anyways. It was incredible. The bitterness of the arugula salad with the truffle oil REALLY emphasized the delicacy of the meat. I loved it.

Anti Pasti – Not pictured but I tried it!

Salsiccia Calabrese – Grilled house-made spicy sausage, roasted shallot marmalade, trumpet mushrooms, charred rapini

I liked this but it wasn’t like tattoo this on my body good sausage. I liked the Pasta and Carpaccio a lot more.

Pasta – Third Photo

Pappardelle Mimmo – Long wide pasta with scallops, lobster, asparagus, butter, sage, truffle

Yeah this dish was incredible. I was a pasta puddle when I had my first bite. It was VERY rich because of the use of butter instead of oil. The scallops were so tender and done perfectly, The lobster was subtle but added the perfect amount of texture. Asparagus was perfectly cooked. The noodles were next level. I was SO stuffed but that sure didn’t stop me from chowing down this entire dish. I seriously have had dreams about this dish in the days since.


All in all, I loved this place. From what I heard, Ferraros is a staple fancy restauarant that is conveniently off of the strip. It gets some hype but it’s because it is ACTUALLY good versus just having high traffic because of its name recognition. If I come back to Vegas, there is no doubt that I will be back!




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