Do you even Podcast?

I run for 30 minutes every morning.. Unless I had too much fun the night before. I got sick of music so I started listening to podcasts.. I became hooked and I would honestly say I am emotionally invested into them. Here are my top favorites for End of Summer 2018

You can listen to all three of these podcasts on Apple Podcast, their websites (links at bottom of descriptions), and their podcast sponsor thing.


PodcastOne Podcasts

This podcast uploads on Tuesdays (1 hour with ads) and Thursdays (half hour with ads). They also just scored their own Ladygang TV show on E!!!!!!!!!! Ugh I love you #keltie #becca and #jac

This is my actual number one favorite podcast because:

The Ladygang is not just a podcast they are a brand and a true family of women who empower other women. Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin, and Jac Vanek are 3 celebrities that get real. They are down to earth and talk about things that every woman can relate to. They are also very blunt and honest about life. If you take most things super seriously and are more sensitive, this podcast may not be the one for you. BUT They have awesome guests like Karamo and Jonathan from Queer Eye, the CEO of Drybar Allie Webb, The Skinny Confidential Lauryn and Michael, Real Housewives, Oliver Hudson, JOEY KING (omg I love her), and so many more people you would never know you would fall in love with. 

Check out their website:


Barstool Sports Podcasts

Just discovered this podcast this month. It gives me my celebrity/tv/drama fix every Monday. The episodes are usually an hour and a half long (with ads).

This podcast is a Barstool Sports sponsored thinger. Ria and Fran are the most down to earth, real, and amazingly dramatic (in the best way). I can relate to every single story they share. They have the widest variety of content that I have heard on a podcast. They chat about internet and celebrity drama, new movies, tv show recaps, and they interview random people, as well (Johnny Bananas wtf). Give it a listen.

Check out their website:


Dear Media Podcast

Lauryn and her hubby Michael upload Once every week and twice on the other weeks. Their episodes range from a half hour to an hour and a half. It seems to depend on the content, guest, time of year.

I used to like this podcast a lot more. I love how famous Lauryn and Michael are getting because they have always worked super hard at building a brand. It is starting to get to their head just a smidgen so listening to them on this podcast can lower your self esteem. The only reason I am saying this is because sometimes there are little digs at eating habits, skincare, exercise, spa stuff, etc. It lowers my self esteem personally because she “swears” by a lot of items. HIGH KEY can’t afford almost all of those items BUT whenever I am researching a product that I am interested in, I check her blog to get the deets.  She is critical on every single aspect of products, people, and services. I LOVE THAT because I am the same way. Listen to this podcast if you want to learn about skincare, relationships, diet, fashion, and all other boss babe things.

Check out their website:


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